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TT G2: Starling by silentsketcher TT G2: Starling by silentsketcher
I was inspired by who has done a lot of Teen Titans fan art, but specifically by one piece of a second generation of Teen Titans. [link] Essentially these characters' parents were of the original Teen Titans and so that gave me the motivation to create ones of my own.

Here is one I call "Starling" and he is the son of Starfire and Robin. I tried to apply elements of both his parents' costumes into his own plus a few of my own, such as the "V" shapes which are supposed to give the impression of feathers. Since it's in black, gray, and white, let me explain the colors that I envisioned. The darker shaded parts would be black (these would be tinged with deep green blended into dark maroon) and the lighter shaded areas orange-ish tan color. Those color combinations I got from referencing to an image of a common starling and applied to the costume. The arms are exposed between the sleeves and the armbands as are his hands. His skin is orange-ish, his hair red, and his eyes green just like his mother's. I also gave him the same alien eyebrows and those aren't sideburns on the sides of his face but hair parted in front of his ears kind of like Starfire's.

As for his abilities, he's mainly got those of his mother's except lessend since he is half human. Also he doesn't shoot "starbolt" energy from his eyes but has some other unique ability (in the transformation episode that was her special new power, which is supposed to be different with each Tamaranian so I figured it wouldn't be likely that he would have that). I haven't figured exactly what it would be, but it'll come to me.

I gave him the title of Starling as a play on both his parents' superhero names. "Star" obviously from "Starfire" and then I chose a bird name that would work with it and thus "Starling". Starling also has an older half-brother named Blackbird. If you want to see more about him then check out 'TT G2: Blackbird'. Anyway, Starling would be a lot like his mother in both attitude and behavior, so generally a very sweet and sensitive kid. Since he'd be raised by both Starfire and Robin he would be skilled with his powers as well as trained in the martial arts I would imagine.

Anyway, sorry for going on and on like this, but I felt the need to explain my ideas. If you've actually taken the time to read all of this thank you very much. I hope you found it interesting.
orangecaribou Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
Nice sketch! I like the different levels of shading to create a nice contrast.
silentsketcher Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006   Traditional Artist
Thanks. I figured that since I wasn't going to color it I should substitute them with values of shading. I would like to do it in color, and maybe eventually I will, but I don't have as much patience for inking and coloring as I do with shading.
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April 8, 2006
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