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  • Reading: old 'Swamp Thing' comics
  • Watching: AMC's 'Bates Motel'
So, in a nut shell, there have been several rather big happenings in my personal life over the past few months. Among these has been moving out and into my friend Blake's place, where we're now housemates. I still live in my home town, but get to be out more in the countryside, which we both enjoy for the additional privacy and larger property. I've enjoyed having more interior space to myself and finding a knack for decorating. I've been here since January, but I'm still sorting through boxes. I'll be glad when everything is in its proper place and I can survey it all and say, "done." Satisfying? You bet.

But then of course there's the two extra, freeloader tenants, Moe and 'Dolfette to consider. Yep, they always just seem to either be lazing about or chasing each other around when they aren't eating or making a mess. On the other hand, they're very friendly, especially when you scratch their heads -- and if you haven't guessed by now, they're a couple of cats. Neither are mine, but that doesn't mean I still don't love the little buggers any less. Moe belongs to Blake and 'Dolfette is a little stray that turned up over at his girlfriend's place -- probably abandoned, actually -- so we've been caring for her since. As if being a kitten left alone weren't hard enough, she had the unfortunate luck to have a Hitler 'stache, too, thus 'Dolfette. She's a sweetheart, and my favorite.

In other news, the company where I work my day job has been bought out and is now a subsidiary of a much larger one. Needless to say, we were all a bit anxious about what that would mean for us workers. It's not uncommon, after all, for a cleaning of house in these situations. Thankfully, however, it doesn't appear like that will be the case. More likely some micromanaging will happen, which is annoying, regardless, yet a better prospect than having to find employment elsewhere. Don't really appreciate the twice-a-month pay system change, either, but it's not terrible. If we're lucky, we'll all get a pay raise and better health plans... but I'm not going to hold my breath on that. At least neither will get cut.

I haven't been posting much artwork, but I still try to keep productive these days. I continue reading and watching film for both the entertainment and for reference material as I slowly, but surely, work on a series storyline that's been my pet project since sometime around June '11. And now and then I take a hiatus from that to work on some other, albeit smaller, pet projects, like trying to reinvent and expand the board game Candy Land, for example. The Fast Food Mafia was so popular that it gave me the idea to try branching out into this. Figured it would be fun and nostalgic to try and remake this game to be larger and playable for an older, broader age range.

There's more that I could go in depth with, but I think that's a good deal to share for the time being. But I'll leave on another art-related note: Motor City Comic Con is coming up, starting May 17th and running through the weekend! I'll be glad to return, as I decided against coming last year, mainly due to my wallet going only so far and having to make choices on what to cut. It will be good to go back, especially as Motor City is where I first started attending comic conventions. And it's always nice to see familiar faces, sometimes former college classmates. Ah, good times.

Anyway, as The Weekenders used to say, "Later Days!"


(1) 10th-letter - Cerebus the Aardvark
(2) 10th-letter - Flowering Nose
(3) CapnFlynn "Age of Apocalypse" Magneto
(4) Juniperfern O.C. Claudette Schwarz


Current/Backlogged Commissions:
:bulletred:several sketch cards
:bulletred:AstraKiseki O.C. Bai'chea portrait


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Andrew Shirey
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Born and bred in Michigan, Andrew works as a part-time freelance illustrator. He has endeavored in a variety of fields, such as: storyboards, caricatures, sketch cards, superhero pin-ups, and so on. A few claims to fame include “The Fast Food Mafia,” participating in 'The Uniques Tales' anthology, and exhibited in the Romanian Cartoonists Association’s “Great Romanian Personalities."


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